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Science Olympiad Ties for 2nd Place at State
Posted 2/24/20

Science Olympiad Team

This past Saturday our Science Olympiad Team competed against 24 other middle schools from across the state at the State Competition. Many of the events tested are college level exams and our kids absolutely excelled! Not only did they earn individual medals in 17 out of the 23 events, they earned us the 3rd Place Overall Team Trophy! Please note that they actually tied for 2nd place in the state. However, due to the National Rules when there is a tie, a coin toss is held and unfortunately our team lost the coin toss. (If you are wondering how this is a fair decision, I could not tell you either...) Regardless, know they tied for 2nd and were ranked only under the Albuquerque Area Homeschoolers. We even ranked above Albuquerque Academy, who came in 5th. If you see any of these kids, please congratulate them. It took months of hard work and preparation for this! The individual medals are as follows:


8th Place:

Water quality - Matilda Ulibarri & Kristjan Tranberg

Game On - Kaylee Shelton & Luis Zuniga


7th Place:

Dynamic Planet - Luis Zuniga & Evie Wiseman

Reach for the Stars - Elsie Miller & Diane Meza Guzman

Road Scholar - Ruby Carrell & Nikola Chavez


6th Place:

Food Science - Evie Wiseman & Isabel Bouchet


5th Place:

Mousetrap Vehicle - Kristjan Tranberg & Leo Rocca


3rd Place:

Density Lab - Aydin Stoltzfus & Nate Benz

Elastic Launch Glider - Kaylee Shelton & Nikola Chavez

Meteorology - Matilda Ulibarri & Leo Rocca

Ornithology - Aydin Stoltzfus & Lila Eaton


2nd Place:

Anatomy - Erika Eaton & Matilda Ulibarri

Circuit Lab - Aydin Stoltzfus & Nate Benz

Disease Detectives - Kaylee Shelton & Ruby Carrell

Experimental Design - Erika Eaton, Lila Eaton & Elsie Miller

Heredity - Nate Benz & Nikola Chavez


1st Place:

Crime Busters - Nate Benz & Luis Zuniga


Michelle Freeman, Leah Gover, & Josh Haughawout