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Map to Wilson Middle School

Visitor Policy

All visitors must report to the Administration Office to obtain permission from the administration or designee before going anywhere on campus. According to District Policy, individuals failing to comply with any of these procedures and/or causing disruption of the educational process may be barred or removed from the campus as the principal’s discretion. ALL visitors MUST have visible identification on them at all times while on our campus.

Student, Staff and Visitor ID Policy

For safety reasons, we require ALL students, staff and visitors to wear VISIBLE identification at all times. As we share a school campus with another school, it is necessary to be able to identify Wilson Middle School students, staff and visitors. Student IDs are required for: Bus, Cafeteria and Library access. Without an ID, students will not have access to these resources. Student IDs are available in the main office for purchase in the amount of $5.00. *Students may participate in Community Service in lieu of paying $5.00 to replace an ID.

Wilson Middle School

Located at:

1138 Cardenas Drive SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

  • Phone: (505) 268-3961
  • Fax: (505) 260-2000


Wilson Middle School is committed to ensuring that all students learn at high levels through social emotional learning with rigorous, quality instruction. As an inclusive and collaborative community, we are devoted to the advocacy and support of students, families, staff, and community partners. Wilson creates an environment of respect, where students discover their passion for learning and are empowered to be life-long learners that are compassionate and resilient.


Wilson Middle School empowers and embraces all members of our culturally diverse community. We value, respect and appreciate individual members, work to foster life-long learners to reach their fullest potential, and celebrate all achievements. Our Wildcat community contributes to a safe and nurturing learning environment where positive family engagement is promoted and students are supported to excel socially, academically, and emotionally.