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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

What is AVID?

AVID is an elective class for students who are capable of completing a college-prep path, but need extra support. This course helps students prepare for college and pushes them to take harder, more rigorous classes in high school.

AVID is based on WICOR:

  • writing as a tool of learning
  • the inquiry method
  • collaborative grouping
  • staying organized
  • academic reading

It also gives students the chance to tour college campuses, hear from guest speakers and it offers group tutoring sessions two times a week.

Contact Information

  • Kristopher Chavez

    Phone: (505) 268-3961
  • Evan Hager

    Phone: (505) 268-3961
  • Leah Messick-gover

    Phone: (505) 268-3961


APS' AVID programs are for students grades 7-12 who are not necessarily college-bound, but who are willing to work hard and push themselves, and will hopefully become college-bound by the end of their high school career. AVID looks for students who have:

  • Good PARCC scores
  • 2.0-3.5 GPA in non-weighted classes
  • Good attendance record
  • The desire and determination to take challenging courses, such as AP and honors classes, and do well in them

Also, those who are the first college-bound students in their families, historically under-represented in four-year colleges, or economically disadvantaged are given priority in the application process.

Enroll in AVID

Students can contact one of the school’s counselors, teachers, and/or the principal by email or by talking to them during the school day. They will be given the application, which states the requirements and terms of taking the class. A scheduled interview in front of the site team is also part of the application process. Students will apply for this course during or prior to registration. Students can contact the schools for more information.