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Athletics Schedules

Check the APS website for the Middle School Athletic Schedules on Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field.

WMS Basketball and Volleyball teams are part of APS Group 2which includes:

  • Ernie Pyle
  • Grant
  • Jackson
  • McKinley
  • Taft
  • Van Buren

Contact Information

  • Anna Coulter
    Athletics Director / Teacher

    Phone: (505) 268-3961


The basketball program has both a Fall and Winter session.


Soccer is a 6 week program held during March and April.

Check the Athletics Calendar for meet information.

Contact Information

  • Leah Messick-gover
    Soccer Coach / Teacher

    Phone: (505) 268-3961

Track & Field

Practice begins in February with no try-outs required. Meets are held during March and April.

Check with the coach for events available for participation. Coaches are allowed to put in 3 students in each event per grade level per gender.

For the district meet (only 7th and 8th graders)at the end of the season coaches are only allowed 2 students in each event per gender and grade level. The practice week before the district meet will include time trials, throwing competitions, and jumping competitions for final placement of students in their events.

Contact Information

  • Anna Coulter
    Track & Field Coach

    Phone: (505) 268-3961 ex: 27154


Volleyball is a 6 week program that runs during September and October.

Contact Information

  • Pearl Dilucchio
    Volleyball Coach / Teacher

    Phone: (505) 268-3961