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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Bannerman, Vickie (505) 268-3961 ex.27109 Principal
Lopez, Tamara (505) 268-3961 ex.27103 Assistant Principal


Acuna, Iveth (505) 268-3961 ex.27241 Teacher-Bilingual Math (grades 6, 7, 8) and Spanish III, Bilingual Math Tutor
Baldonado, Nicole (505) 268-3961 ex.27219 Teacher- SL, 8th Grade LA,Language Arts Co-Chair
Beene, Cindy (505) 268-3961 ex.27106 Teacher- Special Education 6,7,8th Grade Literacy Strategies and Language Arts
Billman, Brandon (505) 268-3961 ex.27227 Teacher 7th Grade Math/Math Strategies, Basketball Coach, Bream Big University
Chavez, Kristopher (505) 268-3961 ex.27170 Teacher- 7th Grade Language Arts, 6,7,8th Grade Read 180
Daly, John (505) 268-3961 ex.27138 Teacher- Special Education Earth Science, Physical Science, Plants Club
Delgado-pascual, Ruben (505) 268-3961 ex.27132 Teacher-7 & 8th grade Bilingual Science, Spanish Language Arts
Erwin, Mary (505) 268-3961 ex.27131 Teacher-6th Grade Earth Science, 6th Grade Team Leader, Garden Sponsor
Freeman, Michelle (505) 268-3961 ex.27137 Teacher- 6-8 Gifted, Science Dept. Chair, IC Secretary, Science Olympiad Coach
Hager, Evan (505) 268-3961 ex.27127 Teacher- 6th Grade Social Studies,8th Grade AVID, Bike Club Sponsor
Jaffe, Bradford (505) 268-3961 ex.27161 Instructional Coach
Judd, Brita (505) 268-3961 ex.27220 Teacher- District Intensive Global Support Services Level 1 DIGSS 1
Kimmelman, Lewis (505) 268-3961 ex.27129 Teacher-7th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade Team Co-Chair
Kirtley, Joshua (505) 268-3961 ex.27114 Teacher- 8th Grade Math and Algebra, Athletic Director, Science Olympiad Coach
Kostelecky, Derek (505) 268-3961 ex.27218 Teacher- AVID Elective, AVID Coordinator
Krosinsky, Jason (505) 268-3961 ex.27122 Teacher-Special Education Literacy Strategies & Language Arts
Lack, Dorothy (505) 268-3961 ex.27136 Teacher-7,8th Grade Art, 6th Grade Exploratory Arts, Positive Behavior Rewards
Layton-dominic, Elizabeth (505) 268-3961 ex.27133 Teacher-7 & 8th Grade Math, 7th Grade Life Science, IC Chair, Math Department
Lewis, Ruthie (505) 268-3961 ex.27121 Teacher- Language Arts/Social Studies, LA Dept. Co-Chair & IC Rep., AVID
Macgillivray, Debra (505) 440-6598 Teacher- SpEd 6th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade Math
Messick-gover, Leah (505) 268-3961 ex.27135 Teacher-8th Grade Science, 6,7,8th Grade Survey of Science, Girls Soccer Coach,
Newman, Alfred (505) 268-3961 ex.27141 Teacher-Band 6,7,8th Grade
Nietubicz, Andrew (505) 264-7283 Teacher-6th Grade Gifted LA, 8th Grade LD Math, Debate Club Facilitator
Noce, Ryan (505) 268-3961 ex.27151 Teacher- 6,7,8th grade PE
Orr, Kimberlee (505) 268-3961 ex.27124 Teacher-6th Grade Math
Osborne, Joshua (505) 268-3961 ex.27142 Teacher-Orchestra grades 6-8
Qualls, Kevin (505) 268-3961 ex.27223 Teacher Technology 6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Reeves, Ivan (505) 268-3961 ex.27222 Teacher- 6/7 Accelerated Math, 7th grade Math, 6-8 Math Strategies
Romero, Christopher (505) 268-3961 ex.27119 Teacher- Special Ed ESL, Science
Salaz, Deidre (505) 268-3961 ex.27123 Teacher-6,7,8th Grade ESL,Spanish Language Arts ll and lll, Bilingual Chair
Seidler, Toni (505) 268-3961 ex.27102 Head Special Education Teacher
Soliz, Marcelino (505) 268-3961 ex.27225 Teacher- SpEd 7 & 8th Grade Language Arts, Info Tech, Minecraft & Comic Clubs
Subjenski, Marion (505) 268-3961 ex.27217 Teacher- Special Education 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Health, 8th Grade Social
Telles, Adrian (505) 268-3961 ex.27173 Teacher- 8th Grade Sociall Studies
Tritica, John (505) 268-3961 ex.27224 Teacher- 7& 8th Grade Gifted Language Arts
Turner, Bruce (505) 268-3961 ex.27115 Teacher-SpEd 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies


Alonzo, Arlene (505) 268-3961 ex.27128 School Social Worker
Armijo, Frank (505) 268-3961 ex.27162 Head Custodian
Baker, Clyde (505) 268-3961 EA, Boys BB Coach, Track Coach
Bowen, Rebecca (505) 268-3961 ex.27125 Truancy Social Worker
Coffman, Cynthia (505) 268-3961 ex.27161 Librarian, Parent/StudentVUE School Contact, EDAP Coordinator
Cogburn, Charles (505) 268-3961 ex.27113 Leadership Program
Duran, Sheryl (505) 268-3961 ex.27108 School Counselor
Duvall, Kathryn (505) 268-3961 ex.27128 Student Success Advocate, Food Bank distribution, Homework Diner
Foster, Molly (505) 268-3961 ex.27110 Nurse
Ginocchio, Jeorge (505) 268-3961 Educational Assistant
Griego, Annette (505) 268-3961 ex.27104 Bookkeeper
Marti, Tiago (505) 506-1232 YMCA After School Program
Salaz, Bertha (505) 268-3961 ex.27190 Nurse Assistant
Sena, Michael (505) 253-9470 ex.27294 Cafeteria Manager
Topley, Jennifer (505) 268-3961 ex.27101 School Social Worker, Volleyball Coach
Velarde, Myra (505) 268-3961 Educational Assistant
Vigil, Michelle (505) 268-3961 Educational Assistant